Mark 16:15

"Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature"

I Remember Malcolm

When Christy and I first came to Northeast in July 1983, I never dreamed I would have the opportunity to work beside Malcolm Hill, a man I had long admired, for 29 years. I had known of him and his preaching for many years prior. In the late 1960s brother Hill came and held a Gospel Meeting at the Netherland church of Christ in Overton County where I was preaching at the time. The first night of the meeting we had an attendance of 324 which broke the old attendance record by 150. We averaged over the previous record for each of the eight services. I have never been involved in a Gospel Meeting where the interest was any higher. We had huge crowds each night and a number of responses to the invitation including those following the meeting as a result of his preaching. I heard him preach one of his favorite sermons, “The Museum of the Heart”, during the meeting, and I never forgot it. But even at that time, I would never have thought about having the opportunity to work beside him in proclaiming the Gospel.
We worked together, traveled together, visited members and prospects together. He knew that I was almost always up until midnight, and he often called me to come over and “porch.” We sat on his front porch into the late hours discussing the affairs of the church, and how we could work to make Northeast grow.
On June 26, 2012, I got a call informing me that brother Hill had passed into eternity. That day a giant in our brotherhood made his journey home. I think of him often. I remember the willingness of brother Hill to sacrifice whatever it took to make Northeast into a great congregation. When money was short and bills had to be paid, brother Hill and Mrs. Billie sold the house they lived in and paid the bills for the church. They did this on two occasions. I never heard him complain about doing this either. Malcolm never preached or taught that the church should do anything that he was not willing to do himself.
Malcolm labored with his hands. He did most of the work on the house he was living in when he departed this life. He did much of the labor in building the present Tennessee Bible College building. He had two passions in life—preaching the Gospel, and training men to preach. His love for the church was demonstrated by his strong stand for the Truth during the great departure of many congregations from the Truth. Many who criticized him for his stand are now saying the same things that he said back then.
When I saw Adam Farris and James Strong speak during this year’s Truth Bible Camp at TBC, I could not help but remember Malcolm teaching them (and countless others) in his pew packers’ class. Brother Hill is still missed by those of us who knew and loved him, and I regret that our new crop of pew packers won’t have the opportunity to know him. One of his obvious traits was his love for children and they loved him right back.
How about joining me with a contribution to TBC in his name to be used in training men and women to be workers in the kingdom he loved? He would be thrilled to know the progress that the college has made with his son, David, as President. I believe Heaven will be sweeter because of the opportunity I will have to see him again.
Thank God for the memories!

Paul M. Wilmoth